Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Lovely summertime in London Fields: Barbecue

With all the rain and cold... please.. let me scroll back to Summer. Indeed my first ever summertime in London was surprisingly lovely. Once back in August I moved even further on to East. Most certainly it's not the a practical place to live if you work and study elsewhere. But its vibrance and energy are unique, the kind you hardly can substitute with any other place in London.

Let's cut all that hipster-antipaty-fuzz. East London is something more. True, there's a lot of show going on there. But isn't there also in other parts of the city? Substantially it is all the same, either we are talking about Chelsea, Mayfair or Dalston. It just depends from the taste.

There is loads going on constantly and usually you won't even know about the stuff as most of the events are either kept quite low-profile or just adressed for the specific crowd. But the nice thing is if you  ever randomly happen to be around, you won't experience the embarrassment of an outsider. Because it has the most relaxing, chilled and open-minded atmosphere. And that's what I love about it.

Here's a bunch of un-published photos which I discovered from this summer. I took these photos on a sunny Sunday, at the London Fields Park, on Julian's birthday. We had a lovely barbecue, just like a couple of dozen other people that day. 





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