Saturday, September 22, 2012

London Design Festival: let's head to East: launching party of BLACK + WHITE + COLOUR

East is good because it's chilled and people-friendly, and that's why we like it there. I was invited to visit the EAST LONDON DESIGN SHOW, for the launching of the London Fields Design District, at the Emigre Studios on Thursday night but on my way (actually on the door-steps of it) I was stopped by this lovely buzz around these two black containers: an opening party to launch the pop-up shop and studio of the new design collective called 



"WHO believe in bold, contemporary design with a playful spirit. They love clean lines, messy processes and bright sparks. They love the contrast between an inky line drawing and a splash of neon." (-London Design Festival Guide

The nice display of the brand's designs and the vivid atmosphere were accompanied by amazingly tasteful drinks, fingerfood and  sweets. You could choose inbetween a hot sangria-kind of a drink or a sweetly chilled ice-cream and alcohol cocktail, both deeeelicious! From the extremely excuisite fingerfood I remember especially this perfect combination of different textures and flavours: beetroot crisp - goat cheese - mint snack, which I'll definitely try at home. This taste magic was brought to us by Fingers. And the jelly-treats were by the Bompass and Parr jelly-monsters.




Black + White + Colour Pop Up Shop
The Shipping Containers, 
Emigre Studios
274 Richmond Road, London E8 3QW



Marina Di Guardo said...

bellissimo ed interessantimo post!
io adoro Londra ed è incredibile quante occasioni si possano trovare in questa splendida città.
un bacione grande, carissima!

Café Naïveté said...

Grazie Marina! e' proprio vero, Londra e' unica proprio per le sue opportunita' inaspettate!
Un bacione e grazie per la visita!!


GlamorousGirl said...

lovely photos! great idea for party!