Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Breakbot album debut!

In this very special occasion a blog post has to be written! This french guy makes me adopt these super hyper ecstatic, slightly embarrassing, behavioural characteristics only teenagers up to age 15 are aloud to have. I have been in love with him since the February of 2010 when I first heard his music at an event organized by 

He played the sweetest disco beat I had ever heard! It was immediate love! Since then I promised myself I wouldn't miss any of the parties he would play at. It has been weeks now that I have been waiting for this Friday, when Breakbot will celebrate its first album release at XOYO. It should be a great party as it was in that same venue a year ago where, in my personal opinion, he played the best out of all six times I had seen him. Make sure you get your ticket online as the queues are expected to be loooong. 



party! party! party!

sweet chill

 ...and finally to end  here's some 30 minutes of heaven

Ed Banger Records
"By Your Side" 
debut album release party at


Kadri-Ann said...

äge kuulasin kõik lood ära! mõned meenutavad nagu jacksoni 70ndate lõpubiite, hästi mõnus tüüp on see breakbot!

Café Naïveté said...

Tapseeelt! Selle parast ta praegu lahebki hasti peale! hea vaheldus liiga tosisele muusikale :)