Thursday, September 20, 2012

London Design Festival: V&A museum, Le Comptoir Libanaise, The Roca gallery and Jaguar Shoes

Long day told short: V&A museum, Le Comptoir Libanaise, the FLOCK TALK at the London Roca Gallery, the Shoreditch Triangle and a glass of wine at the Jaguar Shoes to finish the day.

One thing that I would like to note: honestly talking my expectations for the projects at the V&A museum were much higher. The Light Tunnel was a bit boring because it was so short (picture above), the MIMICRY Chairs lacked a little of character and the Sound Drop project was nothing else than just a small aquarium with slightly unclear water and some coloured drops. But the Sackler centre was pretty good, that's where most of the talks and seminars are taking place so far.

The FLOCK TALK at the London Roca Gallery, on the other hand, was very interesting and inspiring. 4 different women designers from different backgrounds and professional path shared their projects and the development behind them.

After we head off to Shoreditch triangle which supposedly was going to be buzzing and over-crowded, with shops and galleries open till late.. But nothing was really going on.. Slightly disappointed!



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