Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back in business!


Hey guys! I'm back ! Finally! Ohhh my trip was so great and it gave me such good energy, I can't even belive it. The wheather was great since the first day I got there, for the first two weeks it didn't stop snowing and when it wasn't it was sunny all day long. I managed to see all my relatives (I have so many of them) and spent some really great time with my closest friends. We hanged out at different events and parties, we even went officially clubbing (since it's strictly forbidden in Estonia to enter the club if you're underaged and this was my first time in Tallinn as a "grown-up"). This time it was all about relaxing too (usually I stress myself to do everyhting to be everywhere to see everyone), my mornings were really lazy and my days weren't planned at all, it was all about going with tha flow... Since it got really crazy in Rome before going there, it was exactly what I needed.. :) I took so many pictures, mainly of the nature, so be patient cause I promise you some really great shoots. I just need to sort them out (out of 2000).


In the meanwhile I thought my first post back in Rome should involve this nice house in Brazil as this year I'm trying to concentrate more and more on architecture, design and interior design. When I first saw this villa I remembered right away about my uncle who's visiting his friends in Brazil... he's probably sitting at the Ipanema beach right now and enjoying the nice view on the ocean (oh yes, and the girls).. What lucky guy. Strange thing, lately I've been quite a lot on the brazil-wave, from the food to the music (even live! on my trip I managed to go on a great jazz concert where they played mixed bossanova rythms, I'll tell you about in my next posts) and I really can't wait to go there on my own one fine day. Has anyone been there? If you care leave a comment about it:)

So before enjoying the pictures of this villa, push play on this lovely song by Astrud Gilberto, one of my faves!


PS! Don't you just looooveeee the stairs? Without them the house loses half of the magic, don't you think so? :)


Felicity. said...

I LOVE the spiral staircase! (I have an obsession with them!)

Merilin said...

Yes!!! It was one of the reason's for which I so fell in love with this house. Amazing how ONE thing can absolutelly change the whole image. Without it it totally loses it's personality;)

The Photodiarist said...

Wonderful house! Glad you are back in business!!