Sunday, January 17, 2010

An early morning wake-up with Rachel Zoe


Wow.. this I think has never happened to me in my whole lifetime.
Okay, yesterday I was quite worried about waking up on time on my first day back and guess what went wrong this morning? I knew it couldn't go that easily! I didn't change the time on my phone. I was all dressed up and ready to go out and when I checked the clock for the last time I couldn't belive my eyes. First I thought I was late and I'd messed it up again with something, but then I checked other clocks and it was really 6.10. I was an hour ahead or behind don't ask me. Incredible. This has never happened before, I have never been earlier than I should have, always on the other way around.


So I thought I should use my time wisely and I was dieing already yesterday to post the pictures of stylist Rachel Zoe's house. Here is only a peek, but as soon as I'll return from school I'll post the rest of the pictures, they're really many!
Have a nice day;)
Here are all the pictures!
I find it especially interesting to see different people houses when I'm familiar also with their personality and work. An artist's, a designer's, a musician's or a writer's home is like a little sanctuary where their whole world is carefully organized and intimately protected. Said that I obviously leave aside the immensious celebrity villas with 340 bedrooms and 162 bathrooms where the so-said owner lives less then 30 days in a year.
First looking at Rachel Zoe's villa I kinda did have that feeling a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I obviously could see it wasn't one of those Beverly Hills style empty mansions, but it just didn't give me the having-my-cup-of-cappucciono-every-morning-on-my-cozy-sofa sensation, if you get what I mean? And then.. somehow I changed my idea. One thing that mostly convinced me was the house from the outside and the yard. It's really nice and I can prefectly imagine the pool&barbeque parties being throwed or just a romantic night swim in the delightful star and moon light.

What do you think of her house?

Has it enough personality to belong to a famous celebrity fashion stylist?



Felicity said...

I love the little things on her table! They're kinda like Russian dolls, but not, if you know what I mean?

A home far away said...

Oh my...what a lovely home!!!

Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

la flore et la faune . com said...

well, I wish I can have the same in center of Paris. ;)
Nice report.

Elina said...

nii ilus blogi

Café Naïveté said...

Ohh yes, a nice little private oasis in the center of Paris, that would be wonderful!

thanks elina:) (ma juba igatsen teid palju)(varsti postituesd piltidega tallinnast)

Lilian said...

See on peaaegu nagu kodu, millest ma unistan. Igatahes väga lähedale mu enda visioonile... Ilus. Ja üldse ilus blogi! I like!

Anonymous said...

Her house is so spacious and modern.
I wouldnt have imagined it any other way.

Anonymous said...

beautiful blog :) your pictures are lovely :) ! what a lovely house :) !

The Photodiarist said...

Wow! She does have a fantastic home!

rockandfiocc said...

VERAMENTE?? tua madres filava a questi livelli??? accidenti complimenti!!

White rabbit said...

Oh tsii, tõeliselt armas moepesa. Ja kift et maja ümbritseb loodus :)

Café Naïveté said...

Vot selle kohapealt ma ka nòustun tàiesti. selline cozy tunne on kohe tànu rohelisusele!

Anonymous said...

shes so amazing.

Allegra said...

I WANT HER CLOSET!!! thanks for sharing these amazing pics

Café Naïveté said...

:) please, let's not talk about her closet, i'm gonna cry:D

helena said...

:O See kodu on ka minu unistustekodule väga lähedane. Tundub selline väike, hubane, aed on nii mõnus ja värvid.Oehhh

Anonymous said...


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