Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Groovy New!


Ciao Everyone! I've been absent for a while now and I thought I should do a quick post before you guys forget about me... I've been spending some wonderful time here in Tallinn and seeing all my friends and my whole family.. I haven't even been able to take some serious pictures I promised you before I came here but I'll definitely try to take them on these up coming days. (I'm stayin here until the 15th of January so I guess I'll have the time). The wheather here is perfect: it's sunny almost everyday and it's snowing almost every night. Somethimes while going around in the city I get a feeling as if everything is just covered with whipped cream! I think this is the best Christmas and New Year's gift I could get this year. In the meanwhile I won't promise big posts coming up but I found this wonderful consept store I wanted to share with you guys - Octium Jewelry . The shop opened its doors in October 2009, and is located in 360º mall in Kuwait. The interiors are by spanish designer Jaime Hayon. First when I saw it I couldn't figure out did I or did I not like the interiors.. but the more I checked it the more I started loving it. I like the colours, I like the materials, I like the shapes and the volumes.. maybe only thing I could argue about is the central lilac jewelry table or how should I call it and the lights above them. Maybe it's because of the shapes which do not convince me much.. but I'll close my eyes on it. I guess the reason why I like the most this store's design is because of the retro style reinvented in a totally modern way... and it sort of has a touch of that something special and classy of old 007 movies.. don't you think so?

PS! I almost forgot- GROOVY NEW TO YOU ALL!:)







The Photodiarist said...

Oh yes - that is beautiful.

Brooke Logan said...

Sul on k6ige ilusamad postitused ja pildid...makes me dream all the time:)

Mikey McFly™ said...

I love the design as well, reminds of the hotels from the old James Bond movies from the 1960s. Great Post

Merilin said...

Don't you wish your grocery store could look like this- at least you could shop there ALL THE TIME....:D

mel said...

it's really unique.i like every single peace and everything in this place.lovely lovely lovely

la flore et la faune . com said...

Thanks for your ckind comments and welcome on board. You're right, groceries should be like that, with superb ladies selling tuna, ham or croissants.

Merilin said...

Like a real gourmet shop with extra goods!

Praxides said...

Love it, so cool. Love interior design and architecture too.