Friday, November 06, 2009

Monte Carlo Nights!


Monte Carlo... Monte Carlo..
It is a nice place. Too nice!!! I mean, it's nice to visit, to go for a walk.. and watch the luxury around you: the cars, the shops, the restaurants, the casino, the yachts, the people... But I don't know IF I'd ever like to live there. I mean it is all so wonderful, but that's the point- it seems too wonderful. And maybe there's a catch, somewhere between the lines, between the smiles on the people's faces, between the kisses and compliments made to each other... I don't know, I'm more hippie-like person from this point of view. But once in a while I do like these kinds of things.

These were some really really nice guys, friendly and everything...;) I just love how the french and italian men like to dress themselves, they have an impeccable taste! Plus they are really really handsome- if only the italian guys were TALLER!!!! Right Kadri?

Ah.. just another yacht of friend of mine's... (LOL)

I like the architecture in Monte Carlo, it's really clean and a bit retro but still modern. Great from that point of view. Typical Mediterranean City, but in it's best means.

Us, in our hotel, before getting out.. our place was really small but really okay. Clean and everything plus basically in the center!

This Thai salad was buonissimo!
Messing around with our friends in their suite... We had really much fun, I hope we meet up again!


Kadri-Ann said...

Those french guys were nice :D but why are all the italians so small?? i like tall men!

Merilin said...

but I guess you can't have everything in life;)

Davide said...

Hey, don't you know that good things come in small packages?!? ;-)))

Merilin said...

Hehhehehe!!!:D:D:D DAVIDE, yes, you are right. And then, in life, in REAL LIFE you can get exactly the OPPOSITE of what is your IDEAL