Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mon Amour Côte d'Azur!


Mon Amour.. Mon Amour... I'm really in love with French Riviera! I mean who isn't? The city lights, the nightlife, the beaches, the villas, the nature... No wonder why so many artist through time have found so much inspiration for their creations from this mediterranean corner, starting with Pierre Bonnard and finishing with Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch. Everyone knows it: a vacation in South-France equals with a Royal Holiday (talking about Royal, Queen Victoria, Napoleon III, Alexander II of Russia.. are just few to mention). can be a little bit too cliché... But who cares. I love cliché's.
So this was my second time in Nice, this summer, and I went there with my best friend Kadri-Ann. We had so much fun, that voyage I'll remember forever. The best thing about everything was the fact that it was all organized on the last minute, a total improvisation. And nothing went wrong. As we made too many pictures, here are one part of them. Enjoy!

The first morning we had breakfast in one of the lovely cafè's, with a cup of cappuccino and two croissants. Lovely, really lovely!

My Dear Kadri, It was one of the nicest breakfasts we had on our trip. Maybe because it was the first day and everything was so nice, so french, just like in the movies...
If I remember well, this was a hairdresser's shop. Really stylish retro taste.

- A shop full of interesting home ecor items. I really would have wanted to buy ALL THE SHOP!

There were so many chocolate shops!!! Like on every corner you could find one...
So cute so nice, just like in the film "Chocolate".

A shop entirely dedicated on dogs dressing. Even the french dogs are the best-dressed in the world.

LOVE, a bar where we chilled at the night quite a lot, I'll post about Monte Carlo Nights later on tomorrow, the small parties we had..

We joked about doing an Evian water ad, but actually I have to say the water is really BAD in France. I missed so much the Italian, specially the Rome water, so soft and almost sweet. So don't by french water.

STAY TOONED FOR SOMEMORE PICTURES, about the party, Monte Carlo and the beach..
Bonne nuit à tous.


My Book Style said...

wow!!!!good breakfast!! and very nice photos in france!!

kisses from spain!!


Merilin said...

Thank You!:)