Saturday, November 07, 2009



Tonight I'm going to have the long-waited Halloween Party we couldn't have last week. We have too many guests (for our small house) and I'd better go and prepare myself. Oh, and as my mom's birthday was yesterday, it's kinda like a celebration or something, more than just a Halloween party, if. More like a freak-show. Marco is gonna be a psycho-killer, mom's dressed up as.. a really really scary femme fatale, and me.. well I'm just some kind of a dead phantom or something, I can't describe it so well so you should definetelly wait the pics!
Talking about other things, this week was quite busy and the next one is going to triple busy(mainly because of school). I have many posts ready to write, I only need to find the time:
- the Calder exhibiton I went to see (GREAT!)
- a lecture I went on in the university, more like a meeting between young designers and students, really interesting.
- my trip to Verona, Garda and Sirmione
- and some eye-candies, like Karl Lagerfeld's apartment, Dorothy Draper story, about fashion, a little bit and many many other things.

Please stay tooned! And I wish you a nice weekend!
Ciao ciao,

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