Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry merry Christmas to you all!

For now all the gifts should be wrapped (I just finished my last ones), cards written and food cooked. Some of you have already eaten, some of you like me are still suffering in hunger! Unfortunately in few hours this slightly pleasant pain will be transformed into a heavy aching full of guilt and regret, just like every year. And just like every year, automatically "The serious diet" promise makes it into the Top Five of New Year's Promises-list. Whether you actually start it or not, that we'll discuss in the future, there's literally no space for worrying about that today. So here are my very deliciously fishy Christmas wishes to you all!! Let me explain that "fishy" is for typical italian Christmas-meal tradition as here all you eat before Jesus was actually born is fish, fish and fish. That means fish starters, fish pasta, fish steak and fish desserts! Kidding, no fish desserts but almost. That's all folks!

Merry Merry Christmas !!

Sincerely yours,



Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Happy Holidays, Merilin!!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Hope you had a wonderfula Christmas! Interesting about the "fish." It's ham or turkey here in America.

Café Naïveté said...

Thank you girls!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and now it's time to start preparing yourself for the New Year's Eve!!