Tuesday, November 22, 2011

About my Playboy chair and the exhibition


It has come time to show you, finally, what I have been doing at uni so far. Re-capping fast: my course is divided in practical and theoretical lectures. From Monday to Wednesday we have practical skills which include materials such as Introduction to Architectural Design and computer Skills. And then on Thursday we have theoretical lectures in Cultural Context and Introduction to Technical Studies and usually there is an afternoon lecture held by someone interesting on some specific subject. Friday is off for indipendent study. Although the time spent at design studios and tutorials isn't that much there is a lot to do indipendently.

So basically in Architecture Design studios we do small design "exercises" and in each task we go through the whole creation process- from simple sketches and idea development to technical drawings and realisation. Our third task was called Hybrid. Every group of six people had to choose two chairs to cut in pieces and re-assemble in a new design and eventually two were built. We have been building the new designs since Monday and today, at 5pm, there will be an exhibition at the Marylebone campus (if interested, print the invitation above and step by). About 40 chairs will be on show (Julia, I've been thinking about you btw!!!). In addition here are the pictures of my chair proposals and my final proposal which wasn't chosen, but which was, in my humble opinion, the cutest of them all!! :)


This one of the chairs, it was given to me by my friend Marian (thanks!), it's actually from Ikea. You don't know how hard it is to find a cheap chair in London - Brick Lane and all the other markets is out of the question as everything looking old = vintage/antique and that means you won't get anything under 40£. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the other chair.


Here are my three proposals. The first one on the right is the one I ended up developing.


In addition to the pieces of the two chairs we were supposed to add one third element. As my chair reminded me of a bunny I added some feathers to it. When I presented the design to my group I ended up calling it a playboy chair and someone from my group suggested that you would probably never feel lonely when sitting on this chair as you can feel "someone" cuddling your back all the time..


So this is the invitation, make sure you print it out and show it at the entrance, otherwise you won't be able to get in!



Kadri-Ann said...

väga lahe!! tubli oled! tee vee kooli kohta postitusi :)

Café Naïveté said...

:) lets keep fingers crossed siis! tegelt see postitus oli vaga random, tana hommikul kell neli ei olnud mul enam lihtsalt und ja mida siis teha?! Blogida!!

Marina Di Guardo said...

che bello ed interessante il tuo blog Merilin!
sono scorpione come te!
un bacione grande e a presto!



playboy tool. this is so you :D