Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fabulously Naïve


Finally an up-coming change gives me just the right reason to talk about myself and my blogging. In a month or more I'll be moving to London. This means that CN's posts content shall change a little: I won't continue writing about Rome in the way I used to as London shall take the lead-role.

It's hard to leave. I have fallen quite deeply in love with Rome and it's almost impossible to imagine my future in any other city. But on the other hand this is something I have wanted already before coming to Rome. And changing is positive. This is how Café Naïveté was born, for example. As soon as I came here my reality was put under question. I discovered I had been fabulously genuine.. ! Not that it wasn't normal for my age (15 afterall..). And I urged to share those naïvé-moments with others.. The rest is as clear as one + one. This blog is where I take my moment.

Now, as one chapter is succesfully about to close, I would like to re-see with you some of the best posts I've written in these past years (in a chronological order):

I warmly suggest you to read all these posts, these are my favourite;) Take a moment and support my blog also on facebook here! I would like to ask you, my dear readers, what is it that you enjoy and appreciate the most in this blog? What type of posts inspire you and what would you like to see here more?

Genuinely yours forever,


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh Merilin this is exciting!! I understand the sadness, but like and can relate to your approach to changes. Best of luck to you in London and I'm looking forward to knowing/reading more both about the reasons for your move (if you're willing to share) and your life and adventures there :)

P.S. And I totally agree with what you had to say in your comment on my atest post - this is the way I am and how I came to all this gratitude obsession :)

Café Naïveté said...

Oh Julia, I'm here to share!!! so I'll write soon about it better, as soon as I recieve my university pack;)

ania said...

yes, understood...
i'm leaving rome at the end of august too and know well it's hard.
it a weird feeleng but as you already wrote: change is always positive.
who actually knows what the future holds?...

Café Naïveté said...

Yes, Ania.. we can never know what future holds but I guess it's better to try out new opportunities rather than never change and remain in the same situation for your whole life.. geee wouldn't want to find myself at the age of 70 regretting all the missed chances, right? :)