Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Let me tell You few things about Italian Men


This is going to be fun.

I'm going to dedicate this post to men. Yes. To MEN, and more precisely to Italian men. But I won't bother you with annoying stories about love or relationships or god-knows involving something else sentimental.. (although lovestories with Italian men can never be boring, it's like saying "Obama is bronzed." And YES, this "joke" was said by mister Berlusconi himself, what a shame!!!).


I'm going to talk about fashion. Now we all know that the italian fashion is world-widely appreciated and pretty much everyone who understands and gets the meanings of "elegance" and "style", connects these two conceptions firstly to the italian tradition of dressing. It couldn't be differently as in Italy everybody loves fashion. Everybody lives from fashion. Women love fashion, children love fashion (already at the age of seven they ask from their parenst for the coolest sneakers there are in shops), grandmothers and grandfathers love fashion (their way of dressing is really ageless: Classy and Elegant, just like it was in their golden-age in the sixties when the Dolce Vita just started to blossom)... But the ones who really take the risk and really take it on the edge... are the men.


There are three things, 3 crucial things without the italian men just can't live without: the football (the football.. God! Take it away and they die. Make their favourite team lose and they die.), the food (their OWN traditional Italian food ofcourse! Nothing else can ever beat their mom's home-made pasta-asciutta, never ever), and ofcourse the women. THE WOMEN, wonderful creatures made exclusively for them.


And I don't think I'm so wrong after all if I say that the 4th crucial thing is fashion. Yes, I'm quite sure of it. Fashion is not only the way they dress, it's their lifestyle, the expression of their personality and, most importantly, their origin in the deepest meaning. So it's totally normal and cool, if men look in the mirror more than their girlfriends. (It's the women that get bored and rather avoid going shopping with their fiancès.)

These pictures are ALL taken by Scott Schumann.

Their way of dressing is rather special. But it's traditional.
A little bit dandy.
Oh no, sorry, it's quite A LOT DANDY.
So very very elegant.
And if I said edgy and risky before I meant colourful.
It's the quality they're looking for.
The tradition.
The unique piece, not so easily found, is the key..


Here is a shoot taken by Mario Testino (for Vogue) two years ago of the most dandyish italian public-display persona Lapo Elkann. You may have heard of him before. He's a New York-born Italian industrialist, former marketing manager and heir to the automaker Fiat. As famous for his outrageously unique sense of flair, it couldn't be other way that Vanity Fair included him in the International Hall of Fame: Best Dressed Men list. (check!).
And there's a whole blog dedicated to the way of italian men dressing. (check!)


PS! Of course there's a bit of humour in this story, please take it ironically!:)


Davide said...

I took it very ironically ;)

Merilin said...
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Merilin said...

Sii, perchè non si può generalizzare. Diciamo che è solo un aspetto dell'uomo italiano (e per me è positivo). E anche perchè, come posso immaginare, l'esempio concreto che ho fatto, non è simpatico a tutti. Io personalmente sono molto NEUTRA!:)

Vinda Sonata said...

oh, nice posting on italian men! i agree with you, the way they dress is so classy and unique. i love the snapshots you posted. so inspiring!

my father went to italia once and he told me that italian men are gorgeous. i wish i could go to italia one day. i'd check venice. ;)

Merilin said...

Oh Venice is totally a MUST-SEE, and so is Rome (and I'm not saying it just because I'm living here, it really is something to experience), Florence, Verona.. Just to name the biggest.. but oh! Italy is full of different small romantical towns and villages.

If you're coming I'ld be pleased to help so contact me absolutelly;)

Merle said...

Väga lahedalt kirjutatud itaalia meestest ja väga täppi ja tore on see, et nad nii läbinähtavad on! :D

Merilin said...

Ma tànan:)
see on òigesti òeldud, et nad làbi nàhtavad on. Oh ma vòiks siin kohal avada kohe terve peatùki, aga lùhidalt nende làbi nàhtavus on kindlalt nende lapsikusest tingitud.

greenyuppie said...

What a clever little blog you have! Love the post about the way Italian men dress- ALOT DANDY. If only more American's could pick this up...


Merilin said...

Thanks Andy;)
and yet americans have their own fascination that italians totally don't.

Kowie said...

I really enjoyed reading this post.Seems like Italian men are really flamboyant

The Photodiarist said...

Are you a member of Blog Lovin'? Wish you were so that I could follow you easily. In any event, will add you to my blogroll because your blog is great!

ellinelle said...

..I enjoyed this post as well .. I love the humor bits as well ..and the pictures are amazing..

LucaBruni said...

Very well Marilin!!