Monday, November 16, 2009

Oooh... finally ! MAXXI IS HERE!


Maxxi is finally opened- after 10 years of construction the famous iranian architect Zaha Hadid's (click her website!) project in Rome is finished. MAXXI is the new contemporary art museum and gallery in Rome, situated in the Flaminio zone, North Rome. It shall held it's first exhibition in the spring 2010. We are all quite anxious to see it!!


"..The completion of the museum is proof that this city is no longer allergic to the new and a rebuke to those who still see Rome as a catalog of architectural relics for scholars or tourists.

..Its sensual lines seem to draw the energy of the city right up into its belly, making everything around it look timid."
- The New York Times, (click!) here to read more (I suggest, a great article!).


aadress: Via Guido Reni, 4 A
how to get there: I suggest you to take the metro A and get off at the Flaminio station, walk on the square and take tram number 2. The stop name is Apollodoro. And always ask! Italians like to help (more to show off how much they know although)..;)
homesite: (click!)
Zaha Hadid's homesite: (click!)
Zaha Hadid's blog: (click!)

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