Friday, July 15, 2011

An early morning wake-up with Gillian Zinser


It is time for another post from the series "An early morning wake-up with.. " (check out the one with Rachel Zoe here and with Coco Rocha here!). This time take a sneak-peek into the home of the actress Gillian Zinser. She hasn't done any big parts (yet, let's hope. I love her!) but she sure is a big inspiration for many bloggers at the moment. Differently from other posts this one does not give a big glimpse to the home itself. It rather concentrates on some inspiring home-decor pieces and Gillian wardrobe's key-pieces.
Treasure Hunting

“This is my grandfather’s hat from WWII. The chair I found at that groovy flea market on Farifax and Melrose. I found the corset at a vintage shop in Paris and have been meaning to use it for some sort of homage-to-early-Madonna shoot. I found that amazing onyx black tooth pendant up in Big Sur, and the framed photo was something I found while gutting a house in the lower ninth ward in New Orleans while volunteering with the St. Bernard project after Katrina hit.”


Mad Hatter

I am mad about hats. I collect them as souvenirs from my globe trotting.”


State of the Art

Top: “The hat on the right I found in a gutter in Haiti. The pieces of art were from a series called 'The Loudness of Silence' that I did in college.”

Bottom: “This photo is from an old self portrait series I did when I was living in Brooklyn.”


Top: “I’m in love with dream catchers. I collect them from every trip I take.”

Bottom: Vintage shawl, Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony sunglasses


Easy Rider

“I found these boots at a vintage store in Prenzlaurberg in Berlin.”

Hurley shirt


Coming Up Roses

“I found this dress at the Rose Bowl. The turquoise bracelet was a gift from my first boyfriend.”


“I made this voodoo bust a few years back, and my friend Malcolm Ford just gave me that Mike Tyson etching which I’m just mad for!”


Magic Touch

“This is some childhood memorabilia, my crystal magic wand, and my favorite camera to shoot with.”

Rock Steady

“The crochet top is vintage. The teeth are from my favorite store in New York, Obscura Antiques. And I’m just mad for amethysts.”


On Board

“These are two of my favorite Falsa Balsa longboards.”


Hang Up

“This is my ‘bling corner’ where I hang my jewelry from antlers. My dad took that photo of my mom when she was my age.”


Take the Bull by the Horn

“This is a bull’s skull sprayed with adhesive and covered in sand, dripping with a few of my favorite charms.”


Desert Finds

“Here's my old Polaroid collection. And both of these pieces are from my beloved adventures up in Joshua Tree. I bought those leather fringe pants right off an old cowboy outside of Pappy and Harriet’s, and the hat is from the Past Times Antiques shop.”


Paint it Black

“This painting is by one of my favorite artists, Travis Lindquist, from the Goldmine Shithouse Art Collective. The hat and old lace vest are vintage and the bag is Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson.”


Eye Candy

“The artwork is by Kill Pixie (Mark Whalen). These glasses are insane – I used them as a prop for my self-portrait project. The photo booth strip is taken in Berlin.”


Loose Ends

“The artwork in this shot was made and given to me by Kime Buzzelli, who's also the costume designer for 90210. The tattered coral top is from the Greenpoint flea market in Brooklyn. The sequin bib necklace is from a vintage store in Paris right behind the Pompidou.”


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