Monday, December 27, 2010

From tallinn with love

Surprise surprise surprise! My dear readers, I'm writing you this post directly from Tallinn! Me and my famiglia arrived just a couple of hours ago and now we are all waiting for the traditional Estonian (post-christmas) dinner (prepared by my grandmother... mmm..) to be ready!! I cannot believe I really am back again! Oh and there is so much snow!!! Tallinn is literally drowning in it!! In the meanwhile I wanted to share you some pictures I took on the plane. I haven't been around a lot and I wanted to thank you all for still visiting my blog, for leaving me some really inspiring comments & suggestions and for writing me all those nice emails. As I'm on a vacation right now, I'll try to post some more about my stay here:

Stay tooned for more,



sebahtian said...

väga maalilised fotod, eriti üks nendest- see kus on ainult pilvevine ilma lennuki tiivata.


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Good to hear you've just arrived but havign a great time already! The 3d picture is superb, love the shot A LOT!!

Enjoy Tallin, snow, quality time with your family and all teh grandma's food :) Bon appetit! :)

KAJA JEAN said...

yess!! please keep writing about eesti- i miss it so much!!!

Kadri-Ann said...

super pildid!!! ja me teeme seekord PALJU pilte!!!