Monday, December 14, 2009

New York, New York.. I've got you under my skin

.. and thanks to her even more.

This isn't going to be long.
I was thinkig for long how to write this post, how to describe well enough this young photographer with who's work I'm in love with, but there's nothing much to say actually. Except that she's got a huge talent. I mean really huge !
She mainly takes pictures of every day things and doings. It's the way she catches them. The ordinary moments in her photographs become so special. Makes you want to slow down with the rush and enjoy simple things like walking (and not running!) in the city or having a lunch at the park, too. Just like the people in her pictures..
She's got two blogs: one in black & white and another in colour.
You must check them out to understand what I'm talking about, definitely!

Photodiarist black & white (check!)
Photodiarist in colour (check!)


Here are some shoots she made of Bergdorf Goodman's (department store in New York) holiday window displays. I find them sensational. She could calmly shoot the next Vogue issue editorial, in my opinion.


Which was your favourite photograph taken by her (seen on her blog)?
You should see her older post too, there are some fantastic pictures taken on her trip to Morocco, definitely check them out and Stockholm pics are also great!! (love the yellow)


marshmellowness said...

these pictures are so pretty, theres something haunting about them!

The Photodiarist said...

:-) You're awesome Merilin.

Merilin said...