Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A casual night out in Rome (and few tips for choosing a good restaurant)

Yesterday me and my family went to eat in a restaurant which my mom just discovered, thanks to her job. She organizes personalized vacations in Rome and always wants to test the restaurants she's suggested, before sending her clients there.

This restaurant is called Trattoria Pizzeria Fiammetta and it's just a few steps from Piazza Navona, one of the most famous squares in the Rome city-center. I think at the moment it enters in my personal top 3 list (the other two I definitely recommend are Il Chianti, near Fontana di Trevi (the most famous fountain in Rome) and Taverna Trilussa, in Trastevere.) Italian cuisine is already good and it's kinda hard to find a place where you eat badly, anyway it's always better to know where are you going to eat (either you've been suggested by a friend or have done a research on Trip Advisor, one of the best sites for this kind of information). In Rome it's very easy to fall in a typical tourist-trap. Because usually after a long day of walking you're willing to sit down at the first table which gets on your way, and belive me, if you were having some doubts about the place in the beginning, after 2 minutes you'll be already ordering, all thanks to the smooth-talking waiter who well knows his job, read: has the perfect eye for catching the tired and hungry tourists like you! That said, keep in mind the better the service seems and the better looking is the place, the more probably the food isn't so good at all. The restaurant thing is totally upside-down here: the best places in town can very often have a really bad service and they seem not to care about the interiors or atmosphere at all (which in my opinion is so important!). Why? The reason is quite simple: they just can aloud it. People keep on coming back for the food and there is no need for change. Oh, and another tip for choosing a restaurant: try to see if there're any italians in the place, in the absence don't even bother. Usually the best ones are always full of locals, through the week.


So, Fiammetta was good. It served the typical italian food, done very easily and deliciously! Everything just seemed to melt in mouth! Only thing I could complain about a little was the interiors, but let's just leave it aside. I always have something to say about the interiors!:) Compared to other restaurants, it was quite sophisticated and clean. The prices weren't so high too and the desserts were breathtakingly goood! Enough of talking, here are the pictures, also from the Piazza Navona.





On our way back home... oh Rome I'm gonna miss you a lot, even though I'll be away only for a month! It's crazy how you've become part of me! (what happens if I need to go to uni in another city? let's not hink about it!)


The Photodiarist said...

Wonderful write-up. I love the photos of the Trevi Fountain -- brings back memories!

Mikey McFly™ said...

Wow... Great post and the photos are fantastic as usual... I can't wait to see Rome

Merilin said...

:) Oh yes.. my fingers were freezing while trying to shoot some decent pictures, it's really cold right now for the usual pre-Christmas wheather!

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Felicity. said...

Wow thanks for the post, you're a great writer!

It's helpful to know as I plan to eventually go to Rome.