Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh but the night is young ..

.. and so am I. (tomorrow I'll turn 19!:)


You're my last breathe
You're a breathe of fresh air to me
Hi, I'm empty
So tell me you care for me

You're the first thing
And the last thing on my mind
In your arms I feel


I put my iTunes on random play while I was photoshopping some pictures of Halloween (I'm gonna finally post them today!!) and suddenly Moloko started playing. It was a while for now that I hadn't heard their songs and I got so nostalgic! Four years ago when I was 15 I listened intensively their music, and there was this particular song I was so in love with- The Time is Now (I really felt it close, especially the first lines of the song...). I remember walking on every breezy morning (it was november) to school with snow storming in my face and listening the lines ".. flowers blossom in the winter time, in your arms I feel Sunshine..". I have to thank my friends Eva, Riin, Karilin and Anna-Liisa for introducing me this fantastic group in the first place. Miss you girls:) . It was a really great period, I miss it a lot, I remember celebrating my birthday with them and while preparing for the night (make-up and dress-up and usual chit-chat fun) Moloko was playing the whole evening.


Although I really like Moloko, I like better Ròisìn's songs, they fit more my personal music taste, more soft. She is really great: from disco icon to fashion icon: we saw her singing on Paris Fashion Week Viktor & Rolf's S/S'10 "Cutting Edge Couture" collection presentation.


Just listen her on youtube IF you think you haven't heard her before (the first one you definitely have) YOU WON'T REGRET! :

-The Time is Now
-Scarlett Ribbons (Ròisìn's solo project) (click!)
-Let Me Know (Ròisìn's solo project) (click!)
-Orally Fixated, the NEW SINGLE (click!)
-If We're in Love (click!!!)

PS! And if you care more you can check out this blog which posts pretty much about every single thing that goes on in Ròisìn's life as an artist. (click!)


Davide said...

Forte! Delle canzoni che hai segnalato conoscevo solo The Time is Now... e non sapevo neppure che Roìsìn Murphy avesse fatto dei lavori solisti :)
Scarlett Ribbons mi è piaciuta molto, grazie! ;)

Merilin said...

Neanche io sapevo che lei da sola avesse iniziato a cantare (dopo la rottura con Moloko mi pare), l'ho scoperta accidentalmente!!!:)
è molto interessante come artista ma non è detto che piaccia a tutti, è abbastanza extravagante e può risultare troppo troppo strana:D

Davide said...

Eh eh, è vero!