Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"In your message you said, you were goin' to bed, but I'm not done with the night..

..And I, don't know how, to slow it down.. "
The new Norah Jones song, I just love it. The beat the melody, the voice, everything. Too bad it's so short.

Ciao everybody, I've been spending my time at my grandparents at the center of Rome, and only because my mother came to visit me (with her computer) I'm able to write you guys:). I know, it's such a busy period and I can't really dedicate myself on blogging, it really makes me sad though, I've got so many ideas... flowing and flying right through my mind everytime I'm on the bus, on the metro, on the train, on my way somewhere. I'm always on the road! ... If only I had a netbook(it's definitely on top on my wishlist!), and IF ONLY IN ROME THERE WERE WIFI AREAS! (Italy is actually REALLY behind when it comes to tecnological things). So never mind if in the middle of the week I post rarely, but in the weekends I try my best to blog a lot. Let's say mine is more a weekend blogging blog. Or something.

I bought myself another trench, navy blue this time and I'm so exited about it. I really belive in classical style, something I got to study here in Italy from italian woman AND men. They have great sense of elegance, something not so easy to copy. But years and experimentation do their work.. I'll make photos of it and post about it later on, when in home. For now take a look at these shoots taken by Scott Shuman by himself! Stay Beautiful everybody and check here Saturday!!

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