Friday, November 20, 2009

Ah, But underneath we're all desperate. Desperate Housewives.


Today I woke up and I needed to do something useful. Lately I have spent too much time on computer and in the end doing nothing. Just hours of sitting and clicking different websites and blogs. It's all positive, being informed, being hip and cool and knowing everything.. but it's quite impossible to be upgraded about every single thing what's going on in the design and fashion world. So I took a break and did something different today.


Today I was a perfect housewife. I pretty much had fun doing all these things like cleaning the house and taking out the garbage and cooking and reordering my sis' things.. It was a great change.. but I have to admit- doing it every single day and you might as well may call me desperate. I don't know how the hell my mom manages doing everything?
The best part of being a housewife is cooking.
I love cooking! It's one of those things I love to do so much but because I'm so busy all the time I never get to do it. As everyone's sick in the house I decided to make a soup.
French Onion Soup more preciselly.

The last part of making the onion soup: adding the pieces of bread and covering it with fresh cheese.. yummie!

The last time I ate it was too long time ago, in France. And guys, let me tell you, I can swear it was better than the one I got at the restaurant. Or maybe I was just too hungry. Everyone loved it and I decided I should dedicate one day from the week on cooking and preparing different delicious plates. It's so gratifing.And I'll be definitelly experimenting TYPICAL italian plates;)
What's your favourite activity you never get to do just because there's so little time?


Victoria said...

Jah, kallike, pean tunnistama et seni koik sinu tehtud toidud on vaga hasti onnestunud.... kahju et sind need kokkatuurid nii vaga tihti ei kulasta. :))

Merilin said...

miski ùtleb mulle, et need tuurid hakkavad mind varsti ùsnapea kùlastama...;)

Mikey McFly™ said...

My favorite activities is photography and writing but the way that I function, I barely have time to breathe


ah grazie mille! accidenti che bello il tuo post sulla moda italiana, ne parlerò sul mio blog! complimenti per il blog, mi era sfuggito! e sono davvero impressionata dalle tue doti culinarie!!

Merilin said...

sai, le doti ci sono ma come dice mia madre, peccato che si manifestano come l'eclisse del Sole:D

Kadri-Ann said...

issand ma igatsen itaalia toitu!! tegelt ka! tahaks tuunikalapastat(ma küll arvasin, et peale nizzasse sõitu ma seda enam kunagi ei taha, aga ma eksisin) ja pestopastat ja kõike head!! iga kord kui restoranides käin võtan pestopasta või lõhepasta:D

Merilin said...

:):):)aw... (L)
JA ma ka JUST mòtlesin siin ùkspàev meie tuunikala pastale, oh meid kùll, tervelt pool kilo pastat kavatsesime àra teha...
ma just praegu sòin pestopastat!:D

Ladybird said...