Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stéphane.. Stéphane.. oh my love!

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Let's talk about music. Good music. Quality music. For me it equals with a man called Stèphane Pompougnac. Many of you may know him already, but many of you may have heard about Hotel Costes. If not I make it quick to explain- Hôtel Costes is a famous luxury hotel in Paris (239 rue St-Honore) more famous for it's bar and courtyard lounge. Stéphane started working as a waiter at one of the bars that the Costes brothers held- the Costes Cafè, circa in the eighties. In the meanwhile he was also playing discs in such spots as Privilège, Diable des Lombards and Les Bains Douches. Finally in the 1997 the hotel realized what a talent he was and hired him as a resident DJ instead, he was just what the Hotel Costes' lounge cafè so desperatelly was screaming for. And then in 1999 the first album of this collaboration was born! Oh that glorious day! (The song you can hear on my blog - My Funny Valentine, infact, is the first song of the first album. I die everytime I hear it.) And the family has got larger! Infact about a month ago the 12th album of Hotel Costes was released.


I got to hear it all and I must say I did like it. Not bad. Doesn't beat the first one, doesn't beat the third one (!!!) but I'ld give it 7 points out of 10. Not bad as I CRITIC, trust me! So here's the list of the tracks, check it out and listen and tell me all what you think about it!

1. Unforscene - Alright
2. General Elektriks - Raid The Radio
3. Stephane Pompougnac - Latin Cha Cha
4. Normalites - Pink Skyscraper
5. Natural Self - In The Morning (Version) -
good stuff. I like the back and the rythm.
6. Tafubar -The Wicked Thoughts Of You (Pete Phunk Afternoon Rhodes Remix)!
7. Afterlife And Pete Gooding Present No Logo - How Many More Years
8. Damian Lazarus - Diamond In The Dark
9. Malik Alary Feat. Manu D - I Have To Run Away
10. Massivan - 2 B @ 1 With The World
11. The Revolution, Cameron Mcvey & Stan Kybert - You Wouldn’t Want To Be
12. Charles Schillings Featuring Juanita Grande - One On One
13. Ben Westbeech - Get Closer
14. Dj Vadim – Beijos
15. Sei A - Ether
16. Despina Ricci - Plage Ensoleillee


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Davide said...

Molto interessante! Poi ce lo fai ascoltare durante una delle nostre cene? (Magari anche il primo e i terzo album, tutti interi ^__^)