Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Oh my God, really I need to share this so urgently right now. It's 0.37 and I have less than six hours left to sleep as I returned only now at home, and tomorrow there are so many tests and important works that are waiting for me at school.. but all of this doesn't matter at all because I just came from Auditorium where the gran Festival del Cinema Roma is held and you never guess who I got to see there- PAULO COELHO HIMSELF! Now I'm really exited and probably I won't sleep tonight, he is my absolut IDOL and the man has thought me so much (yes I know ..). I will post about my adventure of these days tomorrow, with pictures included.

Life is so unpredictable.

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Jennifer Lee said...

wow - that's pretty awesome.

btw - thanks for dropping by my blog :)