Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hello Halloween...


Hello, good Sunday morning to you all! I'm going to make a quick post, unfortunatelly, as I have to prepare myself for a party we're having tonight plus some homework needs to be done. As the Halloween is getting near (and this year I'm really feeling it coming) tonight we're having sort of a reunion to decide important topics like the theme, the food, the jokes, the everything. It's the third year I'm celebrating it with them and we have so much fun! We are so incasinati (messed) in this moment, as my mother is running around the house, trying to order it but without hope cause my sister is really helping her by taking all her toys out of the boxes and hiding them in all possible places (she is only two years old and likes to turn our house into a toyshop for once in a while- (could be a great idea for halloween- turning our home into a scary toyshop!)), Marco (mom's husband) is doing the cooking, more preciselly the focaccia (homemade white pizza, basically bread, but the italians have to name everything with different names) and the house is smelling like a bakery-shop, and I'm about to study physics.. god, it's hard in this mess. By the way, yesterday I went to see an exhibition in the contmporary art gallery: 60 New York artists for the first time exhibiting their works in Europe, it was fun, and great and I'm going to write all about it tomorrow, with pictures. Read about it here! (it's the italian version because it's got a photogallery, but for information just click on the english version)
What are you going to wear on Halloween? I've got some great ideas for myself but it all depends on the possiblities of realising them.. I'll let you know about everything later on this week!

In the meanwhile enjoy these pictures styled by Tim Burton for Harper's Bazaar, in the anticipation of his retrospective at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Shot by Tim Walker.


Jennifer Lee said...

the halloween party sounds like it's going to be a blast!

while scrolling through the images above, i thought to myself "how very tim burton-ish" and then you mentioned it was a tim burton shoot. lol great images!

happy sunday

Merilin said...

heheh:D Yeah, Tim Burton's style you just recognize right away! It's totally unique!
and I think we're totally going for the abbandoned toyshop theme for the party;D

Kenna Christensen said...

incredible. absolutely amazing.