Friday, June 05, 2009

Roman Holiday

My mother is kind of a travel concierge here in Rome, so it happens that once in a while I go discover with her some new interesting apartments and bed&breakfasts for her job. As we've fallen in love with the Riviera Ulisse, spectacularly beautiful and wild coastal area, we decided to dig out the coolest and hippest places there are out there. This place is like a little undiscovered Mediterranean pearl in it's natural state, infact, there isn't much information and accessability for normal tourists: the spot is full of private villas as it's very popular among noble italians themselves. Francesco Totti, the most famous and loved italian footballer likes to spend his summer there, for example. Perfect for a glamorous holiday, like a Capri o a Porto Cervo, but only one hour and a half away from Rome!

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