Friday, November 30, 2012

Simple things in life: isn't this what we used to do?

So this is a late night tale n.1: how a semi-crazy action can lead to deep reflections. Hopefully there will be more of these. Enjoy!
I must be going mad, but then again, what is the joy of being sane?  I just came from outside and I SHOULD be going to bed so I could wake up in the morning, finally, as I haven't seen it for a week now and NOT because of any fun reasons but because of my miserable architecture-student routine. Cannot even call it a life, it's a never-ending non-sense routine. My evenings have become days, nights have become evenings and mornings have become my nights. Does this make any sense to you? Because it doesn't to me but whatever, who cares. So, today at 01:13, miraculously early (let's say it equals with 9 o'clock), this student was happily about to jump into the bed... until... she noticed the moon outside. She had neve seen something like that!! And right, she obviously thought it would be a great idea to go outside, freeze to death and photograph the moon. And then come back and stay up for another hour to share her mini-epiphany moment...

While I was walking up the stairs back to the flat and feeling my cheeks going on fire because of the incredible temperature difference, just like when I was a kid, after a long winter-play-day outisde. I thought about how good it felt. I imagined my warm living room waiting for me. I thought I would like some hot hot tea; And then Christmas came into my mind. And then I imagined how I would fall asleep like a baby, finally. And suddenly nostalgia took over me. Isn't this what we used to do? Before the Internet, before the TV... We used to go for walks. In the dark, in the cold, late at night. It didn't matter. Because fresh air is good, it helps you to clear your mind after a long stressful day. But we've stopped doing things as simple as that. The thought of how alienated we have become in certain aspects of life is actually frightening. We've taken away from ourselves the possibility of seeing or feeling the magic in SOOO many simple yet enjoyable things in life. At least this is what I realised today. I used to see things differently and  do and create more just before I got the chance to chill on internet unlimitlessly. 

Anyways.. I felt like sharing this with you. And some of the experimental photographs.

Can you think of any other mind-refreshing things or activities you used to do just before all the technology invaded your life

Note: these pictures are not re-touched.


Kate said...

Love the photos where it looks like the dew is rising up from the table. I think that often people miss the most simple but beautiful moments and even let seasons almost pass them by without noticing them when they are stressed with work in a busy city and too involved in their daily lives to look at the bigger picture. All it takes is a few moments to come back down to earth and we will realise how inconsequential our daily battles seem. Take a step back and reflect, if only for a moment.

Marizza said...

Ohhhhhh...sweetie, nice post. you know what the saddest part is? your routine is not gonna get any better, your life is not gonna be any less crazy and your job will never be done and your days won't be less least not for a long time :)
but yes, i know how you feel and what you mean when saying that before the internet and TV we used to do much different things. I used to read. Fiction. Books. Things that i wanted to read coz they would interest me and not coz i had to or for work/research etc.
I also used to send letters (on paper!!!!!!) to my friends asking how they were doing. Now instead of talking to them, i check their latest photos on facebook and wonder why we are not that close...

Kadri-Ann said...

hea postitus!! see on täiesti õige jutt ka ja ma kujutan ette et eriti seal londonis selle megaelutempo juures ei tekigi neid hetki, et saaks hingata. Eestis on see hea asi, et mets, meri ja värske õhk on nii lähedal, et võimalus sinna kogemata sattuda jalutama on päris suur, kuigi paljud seda võimalust ei kasuta. Ma ka ootan, et paari nädala pärast, rahulikumal ajal, saaks lund ja külma ilma nautida!

xxx ja naudi lihtsaid asju!