Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summarising a whole year in London

Hello everyone! Long time no posts, huh. It has been a busy year for me in London: new school, well university, but school sounds warmer, new home, new friends, new job... new life! I haven't posted for such a long time that when I first opened blogger I didn't even recognize it. I stubbornly thought I was on a wrong google page or something but after a couple of attempts I sadly realised this it the new blogger, which in my opinion, sucks. Anyways... I wish I had had the time to report about my first impressions on London here but handling uni, sorry, architecture course, which is NOT like any other course, a job and some sort of a social all at the same time is not a piece of a cake. Doing architecture is like being married.. or better, like having a child. People say fresher's year is easy but architecture is not included in that statement. You dedicate all yourself to it, from morning to.. the next morning. Gosh, how many all-nighters I've done this year.. at some point I think I forgot how life looks like under the sunlight. And if you are not into it.. you won't make it. Even me, who I have been feeling so passionately about this subject for years now, found myself at some point crying my eyes out and questioning the whole point of this tortuouse choice of my life. And I do not want to be dramatic about it. No worries, I found my way back and I'm on track again. In the second year at Westminster you can choose a path-way and I am more than sure about my choice: interior architecture. In the noble architecture family it is considered to be the kind of a cousin of which you never go proud of.. but who cares. I think it is very under-evaluated.
So first semester started off a little bit loosely, I had plenty of free time which I ended up not using wisely so from the second semester I decided to get a job so I could: a) discipline myself and organize better my time, b) have more money to breathe because London is insanely expensive place to live. I was very lucky as I started working in a cozy restaurant with an awesome team. I do not regret my decision, as I learned a lot and became a lot more practical person, but it was crazy hard towards the end to split myself inbetween my course, which requiered all my devotion, sleep, and the job. At least one thing is clear now: next year a part-time job is out of the question. The second year in architecture is the one that matters.

Trust me it's better if I don't even try to make a selection of all my pictures taken in this one year, as it would be a never ending post, so here's just a general mix of things I found on web for my course of just for fun inspiration.

Now I have one week left in London and then I will go back to Rome to my family. I will spend most of my summer in Italy and hopefully I will be back by the second half of august. I will miss London a lot!


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