Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dreaming Milan thanks to "Milan Dreaming"

I've been in Milan only once before moving to Rome, seven years ago. But it doesn't count as I spent the only night there freezing in front of the train station waiting to get my ticket to Rome. All this suffering because we thought that getting cheap flight tickets to Milan was clever. Couldn't be more wrong. On our way back we missed the flight and ended up paying triple as much.

In all these years in Italy I've heard many controversial opinions about Milan. Some say it's too grey and industrial, the weather is bad and the people are cold. But I guess this idea is particularly common to romans as there has always been rivalry in-between the two most important italian cities. Other's strongly contradict these negative opinions and absolutely love the vibrance and synergy of the italian most international and creative city. I am strongly intrigued by Milan and I am planning on visiting it properly in the near future. The 2015 Expo is the perfect excuse. The reason I am writing this post is the video above. Take a few minutes to watch it as it's worth it. Simple shots and frames, almost as if this clip was composed by "moving photographs". It is made by Francesco Paciocco. I wonder why I haven't heard of him before as his work is amazing! Check out his videos on vimeo. And now tell me, you who you have been or lived in Milan, how is it?

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Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I spent whole 8 days in Milan during my trip there in 2008 :) Loved it, the city was beautiful and welcoming, would definitely love to come back!

White Rabbit said...

Su postitusi on ikka ja jälle nii mõnus lugeda :)

Café Naïveté said...

Julia, are there any particular spots you'd recommend in Milan?

K- aitah sulle! :)

Taylor said...

i love hearing about italy from a true italian! i was in milan for only a few hours back in June. I wish I could have spent more time there!! The shopping looked so beautiful.

Stefania said...

Milano è una bella città con angoli davvero unici , certo diversa da Roma ma ugualmente bella a suo modo, ciao
un felice anno nuovo