Saturday, November 12, 2011

The very first London story on CN is coming soon!!

Just before stepping on the City Cruises near Tower Bridge

Hello my dear readers, I am finally writing you directly from London! Yes, I have survived! And not only - I am officially having the best time of my life! Not because of all the freedom I have, (you wouldn't exactly call 6 days a week of intense design studio work + hours and hours of reading a freedom), but because I am finally doing what I dreamed of doing for the past 5 years! So no matter how tight the schedule is, no matter how little time I have for myself (sometimes no eating, no washing, no sleeping) I am enjoying each second of it.

There is a lot to share with you and as I like to divide posts by topics rather than mix it all up, I'll be posting bit by bit! Actually there is so much to talk about that I don't know even where to start from so you might want to gently help me out and tell me what are you most curious about?
I would LOVEEE to hear !


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ahh so good to hear you're doing what you love!! I believe such thing is best when you have to really devote all of you and all of your time to it - it's like a test. If you really like it, you 'survive' ;) I guess I'd like to know what your days are like? Like what you see on your way to work, where you live and shop... Something that defines your new life?

Café Naïveté said...

Ciao Julia!!! Nice to read your comment after so long :) You always give the most positive and stimulating feedback. Thanks for the suggestions, it sounds a really nice idea to describe my new life through my everyday doings ! ;)

sebahtian said...

kallis Merilin,

ma mõtlesin Sinu peale küll... ausõna.
minu meelest on see väga tähtis. siia maani mõtlen...
mõnikord on nii, et asjad hilinevad... tulevad teisel ajal meie juurde. tegevus nagu ootab meie sees seda aega, et siis kenasti välja tulla. kui ma oleksin Sulle Sinu kuupäeval kirjutanud, siis oleks see kiri olnud ka erinev .
ma ainult tahan Sulle soovida head ja ütelda, et see on eriline päev, kui oleme keskkonda niiviisi vahetanud. järsku ilmunud siia ilma ja siia süsteemid... Päikesesüsteemi...
seepärast soovingi Sulle muhedat tiirlemist Maaga ümber Päikese.

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