Monday, July 11, 2011

Living in a limbo

Ciao belli miei!
Oh my god it has been REALLY a long time since I have written here.. But it was crazy at school and I was afraid to fail. I isolated myself definitely from all the distraction-factors.. (not quite - I fell in love and now that definitely isn't something you want to eliminate;) ). Anyways.. It was a real nightmare, the exams I mean.

Here's a brief & boring description of how this horrible torture at the end of the 5th year of art liceo (in the architecture section) looks like in Italy: first you have three different written exams: an essay in italian, a project in architecture (which lasts for three days) and finally the terza prova, the most frightening test which containes 12 questions on 4 subjects (philosophy, maths, english and art history). Oh, and in only 2 hours! The maximum you can get is 45 points (15 points for each exam). Then, once passed, you do the oral exam: first you may present your thesis (I kicked off with photography) and you'll connect it with other subjects and later you'll be interrogated on the whole program in all subjects. The maximum you can get is 30. Plus you present the credits you have got over the years (maximum 27) and in the end.. the most brilliant student can get 100 points as the result of his/hers Esame di Maturità - literally "the maturity exam", (for some years it has been renamed to Esame di Stato although). All this in 10 days. The results come out on the 16th. I'm still tramuatized, it has been for a week now that I dream of how I still must go through it, over and over again! God.

But to hell the exams, school's over. It's OVER! I cannot quite believe it. I have no special summer plans. I'm back at my home (alone, my parents are on a vacation in Salento, click here to see the photos of our last year's summer vacation there) and I'm really enjoying this limitless freedom. I have no future plans either, they all depend of my exam results. Feels like I'm living in some sort of a limbo at the moment, not bad I must say. I'm gonna go now, I'll get back to you soon but I won't promise anything. It's too sweet to have no programs!


Merilin Kook.


la flore et la faune . com said...

Hey !
Enjoy the limbo effect ;)

Café Naïveté said...

oh yes, I already told to Paulette that the cocktails taste muuch much better in the limbo zone.