Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Hedonist


I know.. the yacht boom is so 1998. But you can't deny this creature (yes, I'm calling it a creature!!) is something extra ordinary! I'm not an expert in the matter of design but it seems to me that the concept of "modern" has strongly changed the past ten years. If in the nineties it was all about the ultra high-tech minimalistic "spacercoket" design, then now it's more about the personality and authenticity. First of all design is much more nature friendly, you can notice it even from the colour palette. The intimidating white and silver grey combinations are kicked off the scene and replaced by the cozy yet strong Earth colours, (you may noticed it also in fashion).


Although the usual touch of these kind of designs is not absent in this particular example (we can't forget- this is still a yacht, one the most loved wealth and luxury symbol amongst the masses so you can't revolution its design that easily), there is something very different, retro and fresh about it. This yacht, differently from the usual giant irons, is almost homie.. makes me wanna crawl on that sofa and read a book (the last picture).. or cook something delicios in that kitchen, shrimp soup for example.. but a glass of white wine during sunset would do, too. Enough of talking... take a look at it yourself.


The name of this yacht is Hedonist, by Art of Kinetik.


"Hedonist embodies the very soul of Art of Kinetik. Combining levels of refinement and comfort with daring looks and matchless performance, this 63 foot yacht epitomizes the genre. It’s solid mahogany hull and Rolls Royce water jets combine to deliver an unusually smooth ride even at the top speed of 40 knots. Naturally, aesthetics is in every detail: no screws are visible at any point and nor is any plastic. We believe Hedonist to be the purest form of art and technology imaginable. " - Art of Kinetik.






"I don't care how rich he is - as long as he has a yacht, his own private railroad car, and his own toothpaste." - Marilyn Monroe.

Well.. I personally wouldn't care about the yacht nor the car.. but if he'd got a yacht like THIS... I'd marry him right away and then, obviously, run away, with the boat ofcourse.


la flore et la faune . com said...

Thanks, now I know where I forgot my sunglasses.

Café Naïveté said...

You must return - you didn't finish to drink your champagne;)

Taylor said...

I would just live on this boat, who needs a house?

elyssa said...

Wow! Stunning!! Now that would be the good life...

♥ joei said...

Bloghopping from Julia :)

Wow! That yacht is a beauty! My dad always wanted to buy one but couldn't because my Mum hates the ocean LOL

definitely, maybe

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Dear Lord, this is so so so so so sooooo mindblowingly, unbelievably and fantastically gorgeous!!!!! I want this boat!!!! If I was shopping for a yacht I'd look no further - in all seriusness. This one is my perfect yacht. I don't need me a huge one, I need me something like that exactly, oh my! You got me drooling over this boat, girl! haha

P.S. I'm back from travelling now, so will be visiting regularly again, yay!

melocoton said...

wow talk about luxury! love your photographs. greetings from barcelona.