Monday, August 23, 2010



Hello everyone! Justed wanted to say good morning and share with you this wonderful picture my friend Kadri-Ann made of me about a week or more ago. I've got some more of me and more of her, I'll definitely share the rest of it with you soon enough. I decided to not blog as my mother and sister went to Estonia for a week and I had the house all for me! This happens so rarely! I was actually a little worried, I thought that I might be temptated by friends to go out and take the last of summer but then (un)fortunately I fell on the stairs and hurt my toe so bad I still can't walk normally. So.. that's why I took the whole week off to do some important things: as I'm hoping to get in the university in London (architecture) I needed to work on my drawings and stuff for the portfolio. I already "passed" the IELTS test, which I told you about, and for my surprise I got 7.5 as a result. I was really worried about it because I did find it difficult when I was preparing for it with the "Preparation Book for IELTS" and thank god I bought that book, wouldn't have done it without it. Recommending it warmly if you are about to take that test too. Now it's up to writing a good personal statement and then we'll see what life brings. Any tips from you guys? I'd be happy to get some advice from you. Running now, my mom is returning today and I need to tidy up a little. Really excited about it actually as she promised to bring some goodies from Estonia (black bread and chocolate!) plus a book and some other stuff.. In the meanwhile I wish you a pleasant day!


PS! I almost forgot, here's a nice track- push play and get the energy to start the day;)


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

This is an amazing picture of you!! It looks so professionally shot and you're just so gorgeous!!

I love having the apartment all to myself too! Each time I do I just get all the proof I need that I really do want to live by myself - another motivation to work harder so that I can make it happen soon!

Sorry to hear about your toe, hope it got better by now, but I love your positive attitude and how you turned this into somethign really useful! Congrats on passing this test (why is it "passed" in quotation marks though?) Writing a good personal statement is certainly not easy, so I'd recommend you to surf the net for some good examples - they can be very inspirational and usually help set the tone!

Café Naïveté said...

Thank you for your advice and compliments, Julia!:) My friend has really an eye when it comes to photographying people, something I must learn myself..

Oh yes, I think it is wonderful and I really can't wait to go and live by myself! It's just natural that you do so, and I really feel THAT clock has started ticking now..:)

I wrote passed in quotation marks as actually you cannot really fail the test. They just give you a punctuation from 1 to 10 and it all really depends on how much do you need. For example the universities I've chosen, or better, the course, implies a minimum on 6.5 to get in.

Barbara said...

Oh you look so pretty!!!!! So nice you passed the exam!! :) so you are planning to study in london?? :) lucky you!

Café Naïveté said...

Thank you Barbara. I would like to, yes:) let's keep fingers crossed!

Clara said...

lovely blog!!

Rodolfo Montanari said...

Best Compliments for passing tests and great wishes for studies (and career ?) in London.

But I sure you will miss Roma and its people - I could not live elsewhere ;)