Saturday, July 31, 2010

Toned, tan, fit and ready, turn it up cause its gettin’ heavy


Yesterday my best friend Kadri-Ann arrived in Rome! Yesterday I was also supposed to find out my IELTS test results, I was anxious about it for days, but no news as the office is moving and "strangely" the online service doesn't work. Typical italian stuff.. Now I have to wait until I'm back from my second vacation. We are leaving already tomorrow, again with the ship. Although 16 hours of sailing is not a piece of cake (we refused to pay trillions for a miserable cabin), we thought we couldn't miss the legendary "Ghost Ship" experience. I can't wait to arrive in Sardegna, it's the second year we're going there and last year it was a blast! Check out what I'm talking about here! Anyways today we took it really easy, we had to catch up on so many things and so we went up on the roof to take some sun & chit chat. I wanted to share some stupid pictures we took, it's not so often that we get to do that! Tonight we're going to a beach party, in Ladispoli (again, click here to see pictures of the last one I organised), only this one is much bigger and more crowdy.. we'll see. Anyways sending you lots of sun and enjoy your summer!


This is our vacation diary, we started it last year and god how funny it was to read it all over again. All the jokes and sensations suddenly came alive again.. Fantastic, we are gonna keep it this time too;)

I know a place where the grass is really greener
Warm, wet and wild,
there must be something in the water ..

Sipping gin and juice,

laying underneath the palm trees
The boys break their necks
trying to creep a little sneak peek at us ...



Lisa Petrarca said...

Sounds like fun!

We just got back from a surfing trip in Jalama Beach, Northern California. We live in Southern California, USA (Orange County) so it's fun to travel to other beaches too, they are all so different.

I would love to visit beaches in other countries "one day."


But until then, I'll visit your sight! Look forward to seeing all the pics.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Oops forgot to leave a link to our local beach, Huntington Beach, California (aka- "Surf City").

This weekend is the big US Open Surf competition so it will be crazy crowded downtown today!

khammer said...

you make me wanna cry!

Barbara said...

hope you guys have a nice time!! and hope you get your results soon and you are lucky!!
take care!!


Rodolfo Montanari said...

Have a nice stay in Sardinia, the island of dreams.

See you here after holidays !

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Amazing idea about the vacation diary!! I have a friend who does something alike every time she travels and she says the laughs after are priceless!! Hope you have a great time with your friend and I sure hope your diary gets filled with some fantastic stories to remisnisce about later!! ;-) xoxo

Toni said...

I just love travel diaries. For my last birthday I visited my sister in London and she gave me my own "Birthday London trip"-diary - already filled with lots of information about our plans and lots of space for our adventures.
Have fun in Sardegna!