Friday, July 16, 2010

A teaser!

ahahaha.. everyone was already tired of making photos of me so I couldn't resist to make one on my own. I think it's the baddest picture of all but I like it;)

Ciao belli! I'm finally back from my trip in Salento! It was FANTASTIC! I couln't have dreamt of such beauty and charm what my eyes saw down there.. is it even possible? Beaches with crystal blue water and silky white sand.. or hidden caves in the wild rocky coastal aerea with natural thermal pools.. crazy, I can't even describe the beauty, it won't make justice to the places I visited. Either way I didn't think I could fall in love more with Italy as I already am but I was wrong!


We got back yesterday night and it's freakingly hot in Rome, 40 degrees, and tomorrow I have my IELTS test. This means I should study heavily right now, I just couldn't resist to tease you a little. I will share the rest of the photos with you on Sunday.
In the meanwhile enjoy your weekend;)


The Photodiarist said...

the last photo is simply WOW!

Barbara said...

That looks like a great place!! good luck on your exam!!!

Café Naïveté said...

Thank you, I'll write about the places and the names and everything as soon as possible.

And thanks for the luck, I'm gonna need it!

Rodolfo Montanari said...

@Cafè Naivete

Italy is beautiful also because each place and people is different from any other !

My name is Rodolfo, like Valentino (he was born near Salento ..)