Thursday, July 22, 2010

Groovy vs. Chilly

I'm not gone and I definitely haven't forgot what I promised you. Still working on my pictures and hopefully tonight I'll post them. Yee! In the meanwhile I wanted to share with you two of my favourite songs in this moment, one by Macy and another by Erykah.

Which one do you prefer and who do you prefer?

I'm personally a big Erykah lover and Macy usually doesn't make it to my playlist but this song is good & groovy, just the way I like it;)


Rodolfo Montanari said...

Erykah is great, and she was very strong to face all the world for the "scandalous" video of Window Seat in Dallas.

Did you know she was in Roma Auditorium just last week ? ;)

Among latest videos, I love Rihanna "Te Amo", and you?

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

That new Erykah song and video are just AMAZING!! I truly still can't get enough :) Glad you like it too!!

Btw, you left such a beautiful comment on my "Being a Woman" post!

Theresa und Eva-Maria said...

I only knew the Erykah song (admittedly from Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack, which I love) and listen to it almost every day when I go jogging – love it! Thank you for the other suggestion from Macy Gray. Thinking about buying that now!

Café Naïveté said...

Roberto- yes, Erykah is not just some any singer.. she has always a strong message to state, I admire her energy so much!

Julia- yee, we're together then:) all of her songs have that chilly beat I just can't get enough:)

Theresa & Eva-Maria- Macy gray song is good because her voice does not get on nerves (at least for now, I've heard it already for about 15 times a row, think..), I hate a female screaming voice.

Barbara said...

I like the first one so much