Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A real dilemma!

This is a desperation post! I call it a desperation post because I'm in a total lack of time, inspiration and quality but as I have already abbandoned my dear blog for a while and now the guilt has grown way up on me! I usually resist but one exception won't do bad as tomorrow I'll be leaving the city again for two weeks and that means I'll be cut out of "civilization". But this isn't the only reason for my desperation: first) I was just called from Vilebrequin, the boutique I worked for last summer, and they asked me, A DAY BEFORE MY DEPARTURE, if I'd like to go work with them again this summer, starting off from tomorow. I felt like crying as it was a great job and if only I'd knew it before I would have scheduled my vacation differently... too bad, I'm going in Salento!! (google Pescoluse). And the second problem which I'm facing is very very serious - laugh at me or not, but it's driving me crazy: should I take more clothes or less clothes with me? Okay, I'm obviously joking.. Less it is. So if I won't be able to post something else this evening.. (something less desperate) I wish you all a golden summer for the next two weeks.

stay beautiful (tanned) !