Friday, March 05, 2010

Who's Your City?


Ohh my dears.. finally. How are you doing all? Thought I'd write a little about myself, just for a change. This period one of the main things which occupies my mind is the choice of University. The Right One. I guess one of the biggest issues we have is finding out what to do with our life and who to become in the first place. Once you've decided, the second Question Mark which annoyingly pops up is where to begin? And let me say this Question is a huugeee pain in youknowwhere + doesn't seem to want to disappear.


So, my decision is made: I'm procedeeing with architecture. Rome has been wonderful (oh, and will always be!) from this point of view: the cultural and historical knowledge I've got from here is something irreplaceable and something I wouldn't have ever got from somewhere else. Imagine to learn the ABC of architecture & art in a 3D version- that's what's Rome all about. That said, I feel I need to go. From the beginning of this year I've talked to many people about this, from my teachers to anyone imaginable. I've digged everywhere and the cities I was suggested to go are: Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin (as well as other German cities), Valencia, Amsterdam, Helsinki (most named amongst the Northern European cities), Milano and London. Now.. it's hard and yet very simple. The most realistic choice is between the programs which offer english languaged courses. And the most simple one is to look straight in London & UK.



Today I was invited to a meeting organized by the QS Top Grad School World Tour (chek out their site!). First there was a seminar and then later on everybody had the chance to talk personally with the representatives of the uni's. Actually I wasn't sure of going there or not as I knew it was going to be more focused on business schools and mainly on master courses & Phd's (the highest academic level you could get), but I'm happy I went. And I was the youngest person in there ! Anyway, I met only 2 uni's which have the faculty of architecture (Nottingham and Savannah, in the States) but I got a lot of information on how to apply and how to present myself on the interviews. A very stimulating conference. Plus I have to admit, the whole university choosing process is quite confusing and may be even intimidating so going on these kind of events helps to superate the fears and insecurity (if you have any). Here's an article about how to choose the right top graduate program, if interested.


It was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel (the picture above). My mother used to work there and after school I used to spend a lot of time there. I must be honest: officially it's a five star hotel but it isn't worth the cost. Maybe for a night though.. Because the interior design is really nice, the lobby is all white and characterized by smooth shapes and volumes. On the last floor, there's a big terrace and a nice big pool. I don't have the pictures in this computer but I'm promising you to post them as soon as possible.


So.. I thought I'd share this with you and if anybody has any suggestions or thoughts... Or even better, if you'd like to share your experience.. I'm anxious to hear about !

All photographs, except the one of the hotel, are taken by Jason Hawkes, who's specialized in aerial photography. You should definitely check out his site (click!).


Kadri-Ann said...

ohh! viimasel ajal ikka kõik tahavad sinna londonisse! eks ta mõnesmõttes ole kõige loogilisem ja lihtsam variant.
aga ma loodan, et sa siis järgmine aasta kindlasti kuskile lähed ja , kes teab äkki lähme kooski ;)

Café Naïveté said...

ongi, pòhiline on lihtsalt MINNA kuhugi ja kòik. PUNKT. Isegi kui see linn pole see òige ja kui ei sinu jaoks, aga vàhemalt there's one less to go on your list;)

OHH KUI VAID LàHEKS KOOOS, suppperr oleks!!!

sebahtian said...

kui nüüd eelmise teema juurde tagasi tulla, mis puudutab Derriére paika, siis mu kodus on ka nüüd üks raamaturiiul niiviisi uppis ehk see kukkus ühe nurgaga teleka peale ja nüüd on veidi aega sedaviisi seisnud, jätangi vist nii... võib-olla hiljem postitan ka sellest

Marizza said...

Merilin, sweetie, we will have a proper chat about that in april when i come over. as for the choice you seem to have made in your mind by now, i.e. going to UK, i can say one thing with absolute certainty - british cook like shit but they have best universities in the world! ;)

Café Naïveté said...

Ooo MARISZZ!!! aaahh what a surpriseee:) you are right, the food is something I'll miss a lot (and not to mention the sun, that IF I'll go..)

Ootame su tulekut vikiga very very anxiously, ùks mònus girls night out/ klubiòhtu tuleb ka!!!;)


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

You are so right about finding out what to do with our life and who to become is one of the most important dicisions in one's life. Definately one of teh hardest too! Good to hear you know what career you wnat to pursue, this really is a huge step forward! Architecture is so interesting and fascinating... Out of the cities suggested above, I have to say you should definately go to Barcelona, even if just for a short architecture lecturing course or something... Amazing city architecture wise especially!

Love the pictures you accompany this post with too, btw :)

Café Naïveté said...

Julia, yes.. I think you are right about Barcelona, I've heard so many great things about it thouhg I still haven't managed to get there by myself, I hope I will SOON!!! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I'm sure you'll get there and I'm sure you'll love it :)

P.S. It was really good to hear about you getting back in touch with your "long lost" friend! It's such a great feeling when you re-connect with someone and it feels liek you've never stopped talking.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

P.S. Well ,actually, I don't even use the dishwasher that much to be honest. Only if we've had guests over or something. I don't mind washing my own dishes as long as I do it right after I had my meal. If I let it stay even for 20 minutes I might never get back to it

And to answer your question, I live in the capital city of Russia - Moscow ;)

Gonçalo Gameiro said...

i do LOVE this last picture! was you?

Café Naïveté said...

No.... I WISH!!!!:D it's Jason Hawkes, you should check out his works on web;)

M. and O. said...

I love all photos in this post ! good job ;)

Kisses from France