Tuesday, December 01, 2009

home chillin' and home cookin' and home grillin'...


After a week of illness I'm pretty much excited about returning to school. Can you imagine how desperate I must be cause.. me? excited about going to school? (not because I don't like to study, I do like. It's all the other factors I don't like: the distance, the ambient, the teachers, exept few) Never. Exept for now.. Haha. It's just that I don't like loosing lessons and then later on find myself buried underneath homework and projects and stuff... It has been nice to be at home, to spend some relaxing time with my mom and my sister and mainly I got the chance to make a research about universities in London for architecture and interior design. (I read about Bartlett and AA and Cardiff and something else). There is a lot of paperwork to do and although I've got a year, it's only a year. December 2010 I should have my portfolio ready-steady for being sent in London. It's not that much at all.. considering the fact I do not have ANY works I could include in "my portfolio". So it's about time to get buzy buzy buzy. I'm afraid my blogging shall suffer a little because of it but hey, dreams need some sacrifices. And dreams come always FIRST. Don't you think? It's not easy to have ambitions. Not at all. You have to remember about them all the time and you can't really make any exeption. It's like a heavy heavy handbag you need to carry with yourself on your trip. You can't really leave it behind, just because it's breaking your shoulder or your back... You need to find a way to resist. And make sacrifices. Like throwing away those pretty Lou's (Louboutins) (I know they're pretty dear, but they won't help you on climbing the rocky mountain now won't they?). (I mean it symbolically- a nice pair of stilettos on a job-interview is always a plus. Oh we women are just blessed by God, don't you think like that, girls?) Or resisting on a tricky-mirage and trying to convince yourself it's only a catch that will lead you in a trap 'cause easy shortcuts are NEVER right. Things that come easily, go away just as easily. But things that come hardly, stay. Definitelly.
What do you think about my theories? What is your point of view on things?:)
Here are some shoots taken while my peaceful illness.. Enjoy:)

Raviolis with spinach and mozzarella inside covered with carrot and cream sauce. Mmmm..


Some Christmas spirit...

My sis before going to sleep. She loves the TV, always a good excuse for not going to bed on time...

Me.. SO BORED, taking pictures of my ponytail.. (which I thought came out perfectly!;) )

My room. It was raining outside and I looove being home when it's raining.

I took a new blank book for exclusively my sketches. It's nice to start from a blank fresh page.


Vinda Sonata said...

great pictures and lovely ponytails! christmas atmosphere always feels great! those dishes look delicious too. yummm...
and you're right. it's not easy to have ambitions. we have to be responsible for it too :) yes, like a heavy handbag we should carry all the time. :)

looking forward for more updates from you :)

Kadri-Ann said...

bubu is cuteee!!!
lahe pats ja ilus juuksevärv ;)

Merilin said...

ainuke kord kus paigal pùsis et ma temast pilti saaks teha ILMA flashita!:D
juuksed on vaid niimoodi tagant ilusad, muidu kolekole vàljakasv. ònneks HOMME JUUKSURISSEE!

Merilin said...

Vinda, huh it's nice someone agrees on my theories!:D I think the word responsability fits here greatly. We can't forget them, these are the most important ones in life, i think.

The Photodiarist said...

Awesome photos, Merilin. Especially the one where it's rainy outside but comfy inside.