Sunday, November 01, 2009

Lazy Sunday is the best Sunday one could wish.


Buongiorno a tutti! (good morning everybody)
I woke up, took the magazines which were waiting me on the kitchen's table, fresh and new, put the espresso machine on and returned to bed. Closed my eyes for few minutes until the great coffee arome, which was ready, woke me up. (hahha- okay, else than aroma, it was burnt smell..)


And though it happened about three hours ago, I'm still in my PJ's and my bed isn't done yet. Today it's Sunday, and that means no working. No physical or mental forcing is aloud today. It's time to be lazy. And lazier than Pharaoh's cat is.
As we're thinking about redoing our home (just the decor, nothing big), my mother is searching for a new couch. These were some of the ones we liked a lot.

Diesel's homeline Succesful Living is quite original, just like the clothing line

I like the colour of the couch and the size but I think that lighter pillows would do more.


How was your Halloween's night?
Was it crazy enough? Mine was a total Hallo-fiasco-ween! It's because I didn't have one. The party was off, on the last minute and.. yes. I'd rather not talk about it. God, all the preparations... Huh. But we are going to have the party anyway, I think next weekend. Friday I went shopping in H&M for some last accessories for my costume. Really sweet things and but in the end I wasn't supposed to be so sweet: a phantasm or like a dead baronessa or something, right from the 18th century french court. And trust me, the make-up I experimented was really scary.

H&M: Earrings Divided 4,95 eur - The dust pink feather hairclips 4,95 eur - White Flower hairclip 4,95 eur - White eye pencil 1,95 - Grey beige eye pencil 2,95 - SEPHORA: Fake white feather eye lashes 15,95


How does your lazy-Sunday look a like?
I just remembered some homework needs to be done. (or should I fake I didn't remeber it and continue relaxing while reading magazines?)

Stay Beautiful,


Kadri-Ann said...

those white eyelashes are cooooool!

Merilin said...

I was thinking about hiding my eyebrows too, would make a better impact, a bit like a draq queen. (btw I found a great tutorial on youtube about how you can hide them by simply using stick-glue by a proffessional in that material).

C said...

nice feathery fake eye-lashes. have you wore them?

Merilin said...

Not yet ( just tryed them on but not correctly).
I'll definitelly make photos of them while I'm wearing them;)