Thursday, November 26, 2009

I've got the fever. The Christmas Fever (thanks to Ralph Lauren)


Today's post is going to be about having the fever. The Christmas-is-almost-here oh-my-God! I-need-to-think-about-presents-and-everything-before-it's-too-late fever. (I have the other fever too and that's why I've got the time to spend it in the bed whole day and entertain myself with magazines, all full of editorials and ideas for the holidays). (So much about my busy-busy week I wrote you about, lol). In these busy-busy times to enjoy the holidays fully you should anticipate the fever and prepare yourself before. And actually, not have the fever at all.


I guess when we are younger Christmas is all about getting presents. Then we get a little older and find out that Santa is just fairy-tale, oh-what a delusion!, and for a while it all losts it's magic. But then we discover the joy of making and giving the presents and finally when we're all grown-up we realize that Christmas is not about the preparation, the presents or about the stress of making them, it's really all about spending some cozy time with your dearest ones. It's all about the mood, the peace, the atmosphere. That special Atmosphere: dimmed lights, spicy mixed smells and aromes of tangerine, gingerbread, cinnamon, chocolate, spruce (the Christmas Tree)..., music (not just the typical Christmas songs like "All I want for Christmas" by Mariah.. but also jazz and instrumental..).


That's what's Christmas all about for me. While looking at magazines, I came across Ralph Lauren's Home Collection named "Indian Gove Lodge", I found it really cozy and homie, with a perfect Christmas atmosphere and mood in it. A glamorous mix of rustic and baroque. Really classy. And american. Just what's Ralph Lauren all about. If I'd had a nice winter Cottage in the mountain, here's how I'd decorate it:

Have a great evening and start feeling the christmas mood just doing simple things like relaxing at home, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate while watching movies.
My hot spicy tea just got ready;)

PS! What's Christmas about for you and what are the favourite things about the holidays for you?


Kadri-Ann said...

täna olid kõik tänavad piparkoogi lõhna täis!! jõulud on tõesti tulekul

Merilin said...

oooh eriti mònus!!!:) )I MISS A LOT ESTONIAN CHRISTMAS! (that northern kind of spirit-mood)

CHICMUSE said...



Davide said...

I'm not a big Ralph Lauren fan ;-)))
...But I agree with you, there is a very special atmosphere when christmas is nearing :)

Runway Reviews said...

great photos, it's peaceful.
Christmas for me is with my family, talking about little things of life, sharing a good dinner with people you love. I'm working but i have my holidays for christmas so i'm happy!

Pony said...

Eriti mõnna miljöö tekitasid selle postitusega.. mul tuli piparkoogiisu kahh ju... :)

Vinda Sonata said...

all so perfectly arranged! i love the lamp in the first picture. so victorian! :)

Merilin said...

Yes, it's so perfect! I doubt it would be so shiny and neat if I'd lived there, lol;D

ja piparkoogid forever, peakski ikeasse shoppama minemaa