Saturday, August 22, 2009

The real vacation


Hey everybody, I'm back from my vacation, probably the best of my life, and now trying to rehab to the normal life. It's quite hard as you all may know... But I will relive all the best moments here, with you guys. It took me a while to resee all the 2000 pics I took.. a little more and it's almost done.

It was my first real holiday alone and I can't wait to go back next year. Actually the vacation we had in Sardegna was quite unusual. I absolutelly wanted to spend my summer with my best friend, Katia (who I hadn't seen for a year!!!). Rather than turn back to Estonia, as I usually do for the summer, I wanted to go somewhere.. yea, it's gonna sound clichè... but some place with palms and the blue sea and the white sand.. and nice tanned people, offering you all the tropical drinks you can imagine. You know, that kind of a vacation almost everyone dreams of. And Sardinia was the nearest place, where I could ALL have it. So that was done- after google'ing summer and sardinia I found 2 really exiting offers. One was University Village, in North part of Sardinia, and the other Summer Week, in the South. And we chose the last one. And thank God! we did. Basically it was a cultural exchange- 150 and more, young people all around Europe came together for one week to party and enjoy the fantastic nature of Sardinia. And no words can describe how awesome it was. The people, the staff, the beaches, the food, the alcohol (even beer!), the spirit we had there.. undescribable! The people were really great there. Thanks to everyone who was there.


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