Thursday, April 09, 2009

My small world

This is my lovely room. It's REALLY SMALL, but I don't need so much space anyway. In my room you find a bed, two mirrors ( yes I need 2 of them so I can see myself from the back), closet, shelf and cupboard, which is utilized for the computer. White walls, wood and black iron + purple tones.
The most important thing in a small room are mirrors, which optically make the room look bigger, and a good illumination, which in my room is totally absent.
Most of the things in my room are from Zara Home, which I absolutelly ADORE!


It isn't so clean and ordered all the time, my sister kind a likes to get wild in my room. She loves all the tiny and sparkling stuff that,she knows, can't touch. But the thing, she loves the most, in my room, is the bed. In the morning she often comes to wake me and then crawls under the sheets, near me.. and we can lie there for hours. I adore here. She's only 20 months old. (doesn't speak yet but comunicates with us all the time!)

Only two pillows out of six are not from Zara Home: the first on the right side, which was made by my dear friend, Kàrt, for my birthday, and the first on the left side, second row, which I made myself, but haven't finished yet. My mom says, I've got too many of them, but they're just so adorable & cozy!

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ArchitectDesign said...

such a cute and cozy bed! Love all the pillows!